Mr Virk worked hard on my Dangerous Driving case. He successfully worked towards granting me an absolute discharge for my charge. I couldn't be any happier with the results that I received from Mr. Virk. I would highly suggest him to anyone. K.K.


My first interaction with Mr. Virk was pleasant. My case was not complicated but the accusations against me were very serious. He laid down the law, literately, and this set me at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable and his communication skills demonstrate that. He understood my situation and advised me of what I can expect going forward. Mr. Virk is an asset to the community and his years spent dedicating him self to his craft is evident in his interactions with his clients and the court.


I was not the only case before the court that day nor was I Mr. Virk's only client in the court room. I watched and each time Mr. Virk went up and he was the most prepared, best speaking and most knowledgeable lawyer also in most cases much better prepared then the crown(He knew Names and Key info other lawyers did not even have). When it was my turn to face the judge my palms were dry as I knew I made the right choice. When I told Mr Virk my goals he made game plan and explained it so I could understand it easily. We fallowed it to success. Call him as it is your ass on the line. I am glad I did DJ


I was charged with an assault that was later upgraded to causing bodily harm. When I first met Virk, he informed me that was a possibility based on the situation, which I was not surprised. He also told me he will try to get a peace bond for me (which other lawyers had ruled out). In the end, we were able to reach a peace bond. We kept our relationship simple and professional, as I had put my trust in him. I don't see why he isn't a man of his word as he did what he told me he would. Case closed. Money talks.


Suny Virk is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He was always there when I needed him. Easy to talk to, and is a man of his word. He doesn't make any false promises, and he works hard to fight for you. If you feel stuck and anxious about going through the legal system, you need to have a lawyer who understands the client and is willing to fight hard for you. Suny was there to help ease the stress of the courts by giving tips on what I could do in the meantime to better my case. He got me a conditional discharge in my case, and overall I was happy that I hired Suny and did not attempt to go through this whole process alone. Overall, a great lawyer.


Hopefully I'll never need a lawyer again, but if I do it will be Suny Virk. Going through the court system was a terrifying experience. Suny was professional, had extensive knowledge of the law, seemed to be well respected in court, fees were reasonable, he was easy to get in touch with, took a lot of time to meet with me when I needed it, and really saved me from a lot of trouble down the road. I can never thank him enough.