Recent Case Successes*



R. v. S.L. & V.S.

Case - Our clients were charged with a large scale fraud where it was alleged that they were defrauding a cheque cashing company that they had operated. 

Result - Through a series of resolution meetings with the Crown's office, we were able to establish and the Crown agreed that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction and the charges were all withdrawn.

R. v. R.W.

Case - Client was charged, along with two others, with kidnapping a young child.  The mother of the child had made arrangements with our client to babysit the child for a few hours.  In reality, the mother was setting up her child to be kidnapped during a supervised child access visit, so she could have custody of the child. 

Result - Through intense negotiations with the Crown's office, we managed to convince the Crown's office to divert the case out of the criminal justice system.  The Crown withdrew the charges.

R. v. G.S.

Case - Our client was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, where it was alleged that our client along with several others had taken steps to steal a large sum of money and drugs from the victim.  The police had arrested others and found a firearm, silencer and several hundred thousand dollars in alleged counterfeit money in their vehicle.  The client was charged months later after hearing wiretap evidence suggesting his involvement.  At a preliminary inquiry, through cross-examinations and argument, it was established that the wiretap evidence was very weak.

Result - The preliminary inquiry judge dismissed the charge of conspiracy to commit robbery.

R. v. H.M.

Case - Several individuals, along with the client, were alleged to have driven to a strip plaza where one or more of them had allegedly shot and tried to kill the victim.  Client was charged with attempted murder and held for a bail hearing.  Another lawyer had tried to secure his release but was unsuccessful and accordingly, we were hired and brought a bail review to show that the client was a suitable candidate to be released on bail.  We showed the Court that the evidence linking the client to the shooting was very weak.

Result - The Superiour Court of Justice agreed and released the client on bail, pending the outcome of his case.

R. v. M.V.L.

Case - Our client was charged with over 80, impaired driving and fail to remain at the scene of an accident.  The client's alcohol and blood readings taken at the hospital were more than double the legal limit.  Independent witnesses saw our client get into the accident and then leave down the street.  When the police arrested the client, he was covered in blood. 

At Trial - A motion was filed for unreasonable delay under section 11(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We argued that the matter had taken too long to proceed to trial and as a result, the client had been seriously prejudiced.

Result - Charges stayed by the Judge as a result of a breach of section 11(b).  Client was successful.

*the above results are not necessarily indicative of future results and all cases will vary according to their own individual facts.