Criminal Justice

Take steps to protect your rights by working with a Mississauga criminal lawyer. At Suny Virk Criminal Defence Lawyer, we'll treat you with respect throughout the legal process. We’re focused on client satisfaction, and we’ve been working exclusively on criminal offences for more than a decade.

We aim to provide you with legal advice that’s in your best interest, and we’ll do everything we can to produce results. As a client, we hope that you’ll appreciate our:

  • Personal attention
  • Local representation
  • Flexible appointments

Whether you’re accused of a violent crime or a white-collar offence, our Mississauga criminal lawyer will work diligently on your behalf. We pay close attention to detail because we want to help you succeed. We may be able to help you by carefully reviewing the evidence, conducting our own investigation, and interviewing witnesses. We’ll present you with your available options and negotiate on your behalf when necessary. Call Suny Virk Criminal Defence Lawyer to request a consultation and see if we may help you.